Service lifts

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Service lifts

As a specialized service lifts manufacturer, Metallschneider has its core competence in universal use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, day-care centres, medical practices and private homes. The lifts consist of 90 percent pre-installed components, which significantly reduces the installation time on site.

Thanks to a modular construction system that has grown over the decades, we can install lifts in almost any building and for almost any purpose in any size according to your specifications and requests.

We offer five different models for the different fields of application and structural requirements:

  • ISO-A with bi-parting doors on serving height
  • ISO-C with bi-parting doors serving at floor level
  • ISO-D with swing doors serving at floor level
  • ISO-Z with swing doors and bi-parting doors in combination
  • ISO-U with one swing door and a floor flap