A small overview of our projects

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As a global supplier of service lifts and goods lifts, we can look back on many successful large and small projects in more than 100 countries around the world and are looking forward to the challenges of the future.

A small overview of our projects can be found below.


Airport Ufa RUSSIA
Airport London Gatwick GREAT BRITAIN
Airport Dubrovnik CROATIA
Airport London Heathrow GREAT BRITAIN
Airport Katowice POLAND
Airport Bruxelles BELGIUM
Airport Göteborg SWEDEN
Airport Nairobi KENYA
Airport Zürich Kloten SWITZERLAND
Airport Frankfurt/Main GERMANY
Airport Aleppe at SYRIA


Buckingham Palace at London GREAT BRITAIN
Eiffel Tour Paris FRANCE
Ministry of Defense at Paris FRANCE
Mercedes – Benz GERMANY
State Hospital at Ekaterinburg RUSSIA
Queen Elizabeth Hospital at HONGKONG
Tax Office at Moscow RUSSIA
Standard Bank Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA
MS “Queen Elizabeth II”
Revenue House at SINGAPORE
Euro Center Ljubljana SLOWENIA
Siemens München GERMANY
Wilkinson Sword, Solingen GERMANY
Swiss Re Insurance Building GREAT BRITAIN
Moskapstroikomplekt Moscow RUSSIA
Chanel, Ave Champs‐Elysees FRANCE
Bank building, Stockholm SWEDEN
Dresdner Bank, Düsseldorf GERMANY